AIS Articles In Top-Ranked Accounting Journals, 1993-1997

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Lloyd D. Doney


AIS, accounting information systems, academic accounting journals


The extent to which articles with accounting information systems (AIS) content appear in top-ranked academic accounting journals is both a measure of the likelihood of AIS faculty publishing in those journals and the degree of which AIS has been accepted as a legitimate area of investigation. An examination of five top-ranked accounting journals for the period 1993-1997, revealed only seven of 622 articles with AIS content. It may be unrealistic to expect that many AIS professors would publish in the journals reviewed. Instead, they should: aim to place their research in good second or third-tier accounting journals; develop a list of journal rankings suitable to AIS; and support new journals that have an AIS focus. AIS professors also should take advantage of every opportunity to educate their peers of the importance of AIS. One may argue that practitioners have moved much more rapidly in embracing AIS as a vital aspect of accounting than many educators.


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