Published: 2003-07-01


A Knowledge-Based Decision Support System For Costing Job Orders

Lakshminarayana Talluru, Ashutosh Deshmukh
Abstract 86 | PDF Downloads 96 | DOI

Page 1-12

Forums For Accounting Information Systems Scholars

Lloyd D. Doney, Tim V. Eaton
Abstract 80 | PDF Downloads 191 | DOI

Page 13-22

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation: Promise and Problems

Mehmet C. Kocakulah, Dana R. Willett
Abstract 98 | PDF Downloads 1465 | DOI

Page 35-44

Information Technology: A Study Of Ac-countants Skills And Knowledge Levels

J. Harrison McCraw, John R. O'Malley, Bruce M. Bird, Lance A. Matheson
Abstract 59 | PDF Downloads 54 | DOI

Page 45-48

Effects Of Environmental Uncertainty On Perception Of Information Systems Issues

Arthur H. Gilbert, Jr., Roger Alan Pick, Sidne Gail Ward
Abstract 56 | PDF Downloads 75 | DOI

Page 49-60

The State Of Teaching Accounting Information Systems: Is There A Gap?

Roger K. Doost, Gary B. McCombs, Mohsen Sharifi
Abstract 102 | PDF Downloads 442 | DOI

Page 61-70

M-Commerce: Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

Samia Massoud
Abstract 69 | PDF Downloads 112 | DOI

Page 101-108