Contribution Of Universities Towards Knowledge Of Millennium Development Goals (MDGS): A Study Of Uganda And Kenya

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Robert Wamala
Jean Chamberlain
Mary Sonko Nabachwa


Millennium Development Goals, Role of Universities, Uganda and Kenya


This paper examines the contribution of universities towards students awareness of issues related to Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The assessment is based on data of 1,920 students randomly selected from universities in Uganda and Kenya. Frequency distributions, the Chi-square test, and complementary log-log regression were used for analysis. About 74% (n = 1,100) of students aware of MDGs (n = 1,484) affirmed that they had acquired this information from universities where they were enrolled. In the multivariate assessment, modeled by a range of university and student characteristics, the reported contribution of universities in fostering knowledge of MDGs was more likely among students enrolled in masters programs, those in the sciences, and among males. The findings suggest a high level of awareness of MDGs among university students but a shallow knowledge base of aspects related to the goals. Suggestions for enhancing knowledge of the goals centered on two aspects: i) incorporation of MDGs in curriculum content, particularly in the undergraduate and Arts programs, and ii) widening the dissemination platform of research findings among students.


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