E-Learning And Instructional Management System Based On Local Computer Networks And Internet

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Hasan F. Khazaal
Riyadh A. Abbas
Basim M. Abdulridha
Marc Karam
Heshmat Aglan


E-Learning, User Interface Layer, Teacher Module, Student Module, Administrator Module


This article describes the educational efforts invested at Wasit University (WU), in Wasit, Iraq, in order to make WU the first university in that country to implement campus-wide e-learning, which is essential for any country aiming for progress through the essential goal of Education For All; e-learning being economic, far-reaching, and relatively simple to implement. These efforts have materialized in an integral e-system that performs and manages a complete educational process that can be used by any educational organization (schools, colleges, or continuing education centers) in a highly flexible, reliable, and secure manner. The e-learning management system architecture consists of three layers: users interface layer, middle layer, and server layer. The user interface layer is composed of four modules: user interface module, teacher module, student module, and administrator module. Each module has several sub-modules that are described in detail throughout the paper. Our proposed e-learning system has been successfully tested on some courses in the Electrical Engineering Department at WU. Our primary objective is to implement it department-wide, evaluate it, and refine it. Once satisfactory and efficient, the goal is to expand its use throughout WU, and eventually to all other institutions of learning in Iraq.


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