Published: 2009-11-01


A Method For Extracting Sensory Motor Skills And Designing A Training System

Daisuke Doyo, Atushi Ohara, Keisuke Shida, Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Kazuo Otomo
Abstract 84 | Untitled Downloads 110 | DOI

Page 5-26

The Graduate MIS Security Course: Objectives And Challenges

Bradley K. Jensen, Carl S. Guynes, Andrew Nyaboga
Abstract 471 | PDF Downloads 124 | DOI

Page 51-54

Teaching And Assessing Ethics As A Learning Objective: One School's Journey

Carl R. Templin, David Christensen
Abstract 93 | PDF Downloads 106 | DOI

Page 65-74

A Publication Profile Of Accounting Faculty

Stephen Kerr, Mark G. Simkin, Richard Mason
Abstract 85 | PDF Downloads 93 | DOI

Page 103-114

Marketing/Sales Students Understanding Of What Counts As Sales

Leon Hoshower, Ashok K. Gupta
Abstract 354 | PDF Downloads 110 | DOI

Page 115-124