Social Capital Generation Inside Science Parks: An Analysis Of Business-University Relationships

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Ricardo Martinez-Canas
Pablo Ruiz-Palomino


Social Capital, Science Parks, Innovation, Inter-Organizational Relationships


The importance of inter-organizational relations for business competitiveness is widely known. In recent years numerous researchers have been studying firm’s relationships using social capital theoretical framework as a multidimensional concept that integrates various facets of relationships. The empirical evidence in the literature show that is a valuable corporate asset that can determine firm performance. Focusing on Science Parks as a facilitating landscape promoting interactions with Universities and Research Centres, we conducted an empirical analysis on a sample of technological companies located inside Spanish Science Parks. In our research we found that firms’ relations with universities generate social capital and once created it had a significantly positive effect on firm performance measured as knowledge acquisition and reputation of firms. Contrary to our expectations generated social capital has no significant effect on the development of new products and in the technological distinctiveness of firms.


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