Customer Risk Perceptıons Of Internet Bankıng – A Study In Turkey

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Osman Demirdogen
Sukru Yaprakli
Mustafa Kemal Yilmaz
Jamaluddin Husain


Internet Banking, electronic banking, customer perceptions, perceived risks, risks


Technological developments in electronics have lead to the introduction of technology-based self- service systems resulting in the reorganization of several industries offering their services in electronic format known as “eservice” – electorinic banking is called „internet banking‟. With increasingly easier access to the internet, even in developing countries like Turkey over 18 % of all banking customers already use Internet Banking actively. Customers usually perceive risks in conducting transactions electronically, and particularly if the transactions involve money. Risk perception can be of six different types: time risk, finacial risk, performance risk, psychological risk, safety risk & confidentiality risk. It is generally considered that risk perception could be higher for electronic banking services. This study aims to understand the extent to which this consideration is valid as well as to determine the levels of risk perception differences among those using Internet Banking and those not using it. A survey was conducted among 350 academic staffs and their responses were analyzed statistically. This study showed that while customers used Internet Banking for a variety of different purposes such as to determine account balance, transfer money, or to pay invoices, etc., there was a significant relationship between the income level of customers and their risk perceptions. An analysis of the differences in risk perceptions between bank customers using Internet Banking (IB) and those not using IB showed that risk perceptions in terms of financial, psychological and safety risks among customer not using IB was more pronounced than those using IB. Customers not preferring to use internet banking thought that they would be swindled when using this service, and therefore, were particularly careful about high risk expectation during money transfers from and between accounts.


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