Published: 2010-11-16


An Analysis Of The Techniques Of Technology Transfer

Jack Fuller, Christopher Hohman
Abstract 108 | PDF Downloads 120 | DOI

Microlending: What Business Can Do To Facilitate Community-Based Growth

Mackenzie M. Festa, Alan J. Wilson, Presha E. Neidermeyer
Abstract 118 | PDF Downloads 149 | DOI

Exchange Rates And Equity Markets: Evidence From Some European Countries

Oana Ariana Batori, Dimitrios Tsoukalas, Paolo Miranda
Abstract 104 | PDF Downloads 121 | DOI

Customer Risk Perceptıons Of Internet Bankıng – A Study In Turkey

Osman Demirdogen, Sukru Yaprakli, Mustafa Kemal Yilmaz, Jamaluddin Husain
Abstract 194 | PDF Downloads 1185 | DOI

The Short-Term Impact Of Super Bowl Advertising On Stock Prices: An Exploratory Event Study

Jacqueline K. Eastman, Rajesh Iyer, Joan M. Wiggenhorn
Abstract 361 | PDF Downloads 618 | DOI

Supply Chain Efficiency Analysis: A Theoretical Approach

Ming-Chung Chang, Yung-Ho Chiu
Abstract 79 | PDF Downloads 96 | DOI

Personality And Expatriate Performance: The Mediating Role Of Expatriate Adjustment

Subramaniam Sri Ramalu, Raduan Che Rose, Naresh Kumar, Jegak Uli
Abstract 294 | PDF Downloads 899 | DOI