Published: 2016-12-27


Transfer Pricing As A Vehicle In Corporate Tax Avoidance

Joel Barker, Kwadwo Asare, Sharon Brickman
Abstract 392 | PDF Downloads 3528 | DOI

Page 9-16

The Effect Of Auditor Change On Initial Audit Fee Discount And Non-Audit Services

Hong-jo Park, Jeong-un Choi, Joonhei Cheung
Abstract 74 | PDF Downloads 266 | DOI

Page 95-106

The Effect Of Product Involvement On Store Preference And Clothing Benefits Sought For African-American Female Students

Courtney Johnson, Lori Banks, Devonte’ Smith, Jung-Im Seo
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 189 | DOI

Page 107-114

Do Bank Loans Curb Corporate Moral Hazard?

Paul Moon Sub Choi, Joung Hwa Choi
Abstract 61 | PDF Downloads 70 | DOI

Page 115-122

The Effect Of Debt Choice On Firm Value

Soonwook Hong
Abstract 228 | PDF Downloads 453 | DOI

Page 135-140

The Effect Of Earnings Per Share Categories On Share Price Behavior: Some South African Evidence

Natasha Robbetze, Rikus de Villiers, Lana Harmse
Abstract 183 | PDF Downloads 980 | DOI

Page 141-152

Improvement Of Competitiveness In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Kyung Jin Park, Youngtae Yoo
Abstract 92 | PDF Downloads 90 | DOI

Page 173-194

Do Buyer's Supporting Efforts For Sub-Supplier Make Prime Supplier's Performance Better?

Kyunghee Kim, Minhye Park, Sungmin Ryu
Abstract 107 | PDF Downloads 93 | DOI

Page 195-206