Published: 2017-08-30


Impact Of Social Media Advertising On High Energy Drink Preferences And Consumption

Patient Rambe, Retumetse Joyce Jafeta
Abstract 2419 | PDF Downloads 3265 | DOI

Page 653-668

Stock Market Liquidity And Dividend Policy In Korean Corporations

Jeong Hwan Lee, Bohyun Yoon
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 643 | DOI

Page 731-740

Transformational Leadership Potential At A University Of Technology

Tessie H. H. Herbst, Ajay K. Garg
Abstract 304 | PDF Downloads 305 | DOI

Page 741-758

Using Action Research To Identify Unexpected Factors Affecting CRM Implementation

Assion Lawson-Body, Laurence Lawson-Body, Lori Willoughby
Abstract 201 | PDF Downloads 118 | DOI

Page 759-766

An Empirical Assist To Determine Whether An Activity Is Engaged In For A Profit

Ted D. Englebrecht, W. Brian Dowis, Justin S. Cox
Abstract 136 | PDF Downloads 284 | DOI

Page 775-790

Impact Of Board Characteristics On Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure

Muhammad Akram Naseem, Ramiz Ur Rehman, Amir Ikram, Fizzah Malik
Abstract 1489 | PDF Downloads 1980 | DOI

Page 801-810

Properties Of Analyst Forecasts And Bond Underwriting Relationship: Evidence From Korea

Seong Ho Bae, Seok Woo Jeong, Woo Jae Lee, Kwangwuk Oh
Abstract 131 | PDF Downloads 145 | DOI

Page 811-828

The Impact Of Job Demands And Resources On Job Crafting

Sang-Hoon Lee, Yuhyung Shin, Seung Ik Baek
Abstract 784 | PDF Downloads 2467 | DOI

Page 829-842