Published: 2005-05-01


Taking a Leadership Position In The IT Business Environment

Gregory W. Ulferts, Terry L. Howard, Ryan C. Ulferts
Abstract 125 | PDF Downloads 43 | DOI

Linkage Between GDP And Emissions: A Global Perspective On Environmental Kuznets Curve

Kanwalroop Kathy Dhanda, Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath
Abstract 121 | PDF Downloads 41 | DOI

Why Advertising Does Not Cause Smoking Initiation

Lucy L. Henke, Gwen Fontenot
Abstract 49 | PDF Downloads 43 | DOI

A Review of Building A Lemonade Stand Is Not Just For Kids Anymore

Dulce M. Ramirez-Damon, Concepcion L. Tuma, Kimber L. Houlne
Abstract 46 | PDF Downloads 47 | DOI