The Sociogram: The Analysis Of Interpersonal Relationships In Higher Education

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Isabel-Maria Ferrandiz-Vindel
Berta Castejon Jimenez


High Education, Sociogram, Team-Works, Pedagogical Implications


The environmental and professional conditions are doing at universitys education an imposition of a teaching-learning process and its assessment. Nowadays, a new function is demanded to the universitys teacher, not just as a facilitator of his/her students learning but also as a group dynamiter, team-works. At High Education, more and more frequently, it begins to get power to the necessity for answering to training apart from providing concepts to its professionals, to contribute with the instrumental and attitudinal resources which qualify them professionally to develop the tasks. According to the new use of didactic and organisational proposals at the High Education, High is essential that departs from concepts such as work through projects, interpersonal relationships, creativity it is placed in points of view of the university teachers quality development. The hole structural change we have fulfilled with the Europeans Space of High Education (EEES) will not mean nothing if people continue doing the same as they used to do before in terms of pedagogic language.

What would we like to share in this communication? The main aim of this communication is to present the sociogram as other resource to use at High Education, to analyse competence among university groups, to make team-works distinguishing between relationships established by friendship and by other interests the students have. Furthermore, the pedagogical implications for the teacher not only by the results that they have obtained but also because of the structure and grade of cohesion in the class-group, its dynamic and function as a university group in order to orientate and give us the possibility to act in an individual way with each of the students.


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