Spanish Working End Of Law Degree In The European Higher Education Area

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Patricia Dominguez Alonso


European Higher Education Area, The Bologna Declaration and ECTS Experiences


The working end of Law Degree is called to develop an important role when we consider that the European Higher Education Area is the student manager of his own learning and is considered essential that the student of law, among other skills, to acquire critical thinking skills, investigation techniques, personal development work and use of legal principles and fundamental values as a working tool in the interpretation of the legal system.

The development of the working end of Law Degree in order to allow the student to a specific topic in depth and learn to develop a basic legal research. The work will enable the assessment of skills associated with the title of Bachelor of Laws.

To highlight an element of the research is that development of it should be conducted in an orderly and systematic manner for which the teacher's work is essential from the outset.

In this sense, the student, with guidance from the teacher must identify a target as the first topic of study. Much of the importance of the work lies in the student's learning method and technique to use. At this point, given that the study is done in the legal field, the work must be developed in stages, which are discussed in the communication. One final aspect to take into account and that is also the subject of analysis is the defense of the research to be undertaken before a court of teachers.

The paper shall provide thoughts on what this job should be to grade, allowing students to deepen a specific topic and learn how to develop a basic legal research. It also examines the role to develop both the tutor and the student throughout the work until the presentation and defense of the court appointed by the Faculty concerned.


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