Is High School Grade Point Average A Sufficient Measure For Admission To College English Departments?

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Khalid Mohammed Alwahibee


High School GPA Vs. Placement Tests, Saudi Arabia


This paper tried to investigate the differences between two groups of students who have been admitted to the English departments based on two different methods of admission. The first group (A) was admitted directly to the department based on their high school GPA, while the other group (B) was admitted based on the level of their replacement test which placed them into the intensive English program. The results of the study showed that more (22.2%) of the students, who directly admitted to the department, were at risk of failure. On the other hand, students who have studied in the intensive English program before being admitted to the English department, showed better result since (4%) of the students were at risk of failure. The answers of the rest of questions on this paper were in favor of group (B). Finally this paper presented some valuable suggestion which are useful for English department administrator.


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