Published: 2002-01-01


Stakeholders‟ Perspectives Of Accounting Faculty Time Allocations

Kimberly E. Frank, D. Jordan Lowe, Georgia Smedley
Abstract 82 | PDF Downloads 98 | DOI

Market Orientation And Performance: Does Organizational Strategy Matter?

Kamalesh Kumar, Ram Subramanian, Karen Strandholm
Abstract 572 | PDF Downloads 1070 | DOI

Inflation, Output, And Stock Prices: Evidence From Brazil

Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath, Antonio Z. Sanvicente
Abstract 443 | PDF Downloads 2086 | DOI

Social Attributes And Economic Instability In Africa

Amon O. Okpala, Petur O. Jonsson
Abstract 78 | PDF Downloads 318 | DOI

The Management Of Research And Development And The Relevance Of Financial Accounting

Paul E. Nix, Roberto de Magalhaes, William Wilcox
Abstract 76 | PDF Downloads 100 | DOI

The Foreign Exchange Risk Premium A Disaggregate Approach

Dionysios Chionis, Nicolaos Kyriazis
Abstract 84 | PDF Downloads 92 | DOI

Industry And Liquidity Effects In Corporate Investment And Cash Relationships

William T. Charlton, Carol Lancaster, Jerry L. Stevens
Abstract 132 | PDF Downloads 155 | DOI