Published: 2004-03-01


Entrepreneurship: One Key To Integrated Business Education

Matthew L. O'Conner, Dale W. Jasinski, Chad Nehrt, Kathleen Simione
Abstract 70 | Untitled Downloads 113 | DOI

Learning Communities: A Business School Perspective

Kelly Hartnett, Stephen R. Lucas, Benton E. Miles, John R. Sopper
Abstract 68 | PDF Downloads 110 | DOI

What Should A BBA Graduate Be Able To Do?: These Competencies Are Essential

Robert W. Caldwell, Jr., Jan R. Moore, Michael Schulte
Abstract 71 | PDF Downloads 412 | DOI

The Online Classroom: Differences In Perception Between Business Students And Non-Business Students

John R. Tanner, Thomas Noser, Jeanne Fuselier, Michael W. Totaro
Abstract 155 | PDF Downloads 157 | DOI

PATH (Project For Active Teaching Of History): A History Education Community Partnership

Cameron White, Sara McNeil, Victoria Burke, Neil Liss
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 92 | DOI

Diversity Awareness And Management In Adult Education

Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, Lisa Mujtaba
Abstract 336 | PDF Downloads 906 | DOI