Creating Value Through Enterprise Risk Management

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Frantz Maurer


Enterprise Risk Management, risk aggregation, risk taking, risk-conscious culture, risk metrics, economic capital


The traditional risk management approach has been characterized as a highly disaggregated method of managing financial risks. Recently, risk management has evolved from a narrow, insurance based view to a holistic; all risk encompassing view, commonly termed Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Financial risks are inherent in financial markets and their management represents one of the main tasks in the business of financial institutions. Enterprise Risk Management enables management to effectively deal with uncertainty and associated risk and opportunity, enhancing the capacity to build value. In contrast to the existing finance literature, this paper emphasizes the practical issues related to the adoption of an ERM framework for strategic decision-making in banks. The aim is to provide an extensive guide to the implementation issues faced by banks that are in the process of implementing fully integrated risk management systems and capabilities.


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