Technology-Related Involvement: The Effect Of The MASHOV System On Parent Involvement In Israeli Junior Highs

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Nitza Davidovitch
Roman Yavich


Parent Involvement, Online Learning Management System, Student AchievementsParent Involvement, Student Achievements


The purpose of the study was to examine differences in parental involvement between two high schools that use the MASHOV program (an online learning management system) and one high school where parents receive updates regarding their children in other ways, with attention to parents' background variables: sex, income, and schooling. The study shows that the MASHOV has a positive impact on parental involvement – parents who use the MASHOV program consistently demonstrate a high and significant level of involvement compared to parents who do not have access to this program. Parent involvement was also found to have a positive effect on the child's academic achievements, where the higher the level of involvement the higher the evaluation of the student's achievements. Furthermore, a difference was found between parent involvement in the school by sex. Mothers received a higher score for involvement than fathers. No significant correlation was found between parents' schooling and involvement. The research findings show that the growing trend in recent years whereby computerized systems, and in particular the computerized MASHOV program used in high schools, are being integrated in many educational institutions in order to reach effective pedagogic management, is proving efficient and important.


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